ARVS launch database of Racecourse Veterinary Surgeons

The ARVS are always endeavoring to improve the benefits we offer to members, and to assist other industry bodies. After consultations with BHA, Racecourses and Veterinary Surgeons working on Racecourses and Point to Point courses, we have decided to build a database of Veterinary Surgeons qualified by CMS attendance and willing to work, or already working, on Racecourses or at Point to Points.

This could be utilised by members to help with holiday or sickness cover, or simply assist veterinary teams when trying to recruit new team members. It has been widely welcomed by those consulted so far, including veterinary surgeons wishing to start working on racecourses. Presently, when racecourses or Point to Point secretaries wish to find another Veterinary Surgeon to work at their meeting, they have to find someone in their area, and then contact the ARVS Secretary or BHA to confirm if they are qualified by CMS attendance. We would like to make this easier for everyone, speed up the process, especially when trying to find cover at short notice, and will also be a stepping stone for vets wanting to start in Racecourse work.

The aim therefore, is to build a record of all ARVS Members (it is beyond the ARVS jurisdiction to include non-members) with their contact details (which we already have in our records), the last CMS attended, whether they hold a firearms licence, and which racecourses/P to P’s they already cover, and an area or areas they would be willing to provide cover for, or a radius they are prepared to travel. If you would like to be on the database fill in the form in the Members Area with your details which will be added to this new database. We already have contact details and CMS attendance dates, and should this form not be returned, we will use the information we have, but it will not be nearly as helpful! If you do not want to be on this list, please reply to that effect, we will be working on an OPT OUT principal.

This information will only be available in the Member’s Area on the website (accessible only by ARVS members). Data protection is of paramount importance to us and we have no wish to let individual information and contact details become available to the public. So until further notice the data will be kept securely by the ARVS Secretary and contact details that you give us permission to release to bona-fide enquiries will only be given out by individual email or phone calls.