BHA Notice regarding injectable Omeprazole

The BHA would like to make Trainers, veterinary surgeons and other industry participants aware of an international issue regarding injectable omeprazole manufactured by BOVA.

The following announcement from Racing New South Wales reports that a bottle of Omeprazole 100mg/ml (BOVA Australia) was confirmed to contain testosterone (an anabolic androgenic steroid):

Omeprazole 100mg/ml (BOVA UK) is available in the UK and is a compounded prescription-only veterinary medicine (POM-V). Following discussion with the manufacturer, the BHA can inform industry participants that the UK product is manufactured at a separate location to the Australian product.

In light of the international situation, the BHA is conducting analysis of the UK product to seek assurance that a similar issue does not appear evident here. We expect results of the analysis at the end of next week, and will advise trainers of the results as soon as possible. In the meantime we would advise trainers to be cautious if using Omeprazole 100mg/ml in racing Thoroughbreds.

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