BHA Survey – BHA seek opinions on Firing and Blistering



British Racing – Firing and Blistering Survey – BHA seek your opinion

The International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) have proposed and passed recommendations regarding firing and blistering.

At present, the BHA has not signed up to either recommendation.

As the Director of Equine Health and Welfare for the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and your representative for British racing on the IFHA Welfare Committee, David Sykes has written to equine veterinary surgeons that are involved in treating racing thoroughbreds in the UK to ask whether you would support either, or both, of these recommendations.

Mr. Sykes said: “Following the focus placed on racehorse welfare during the recent parliamentary debate, and taking into account the positions communicated to the BHA by both political parties, I cannot emphasise enough the importance that welfare-based decisions such as these take for the future of horseracing in Great Britain.

I would be grateful if you could complete the following survey. The survey will close on 22 November 2018.”

The IFHA Welfare Committee will meet in December 2018. Please note: the outcome of the survey will dictate the BHA’s representation to the IFHA.

Scientific research into equine vision leads to trial of new fence and hurdle design to further improve safety in jump racing



  • Research by University of Exeter shows that horses see better and may jump differently over white and yellow obstacles compared to the orange currently used on hurdles and fences
  • Recommendation to trial the use of fluorescent yellow for all hurdles and guard-rails, and fluorescent white for take-off boards at fences approved by Racecourse Committee
  • Trial will be rolled out first at training yards before being used in a live racing environment, and has the objective of making jump racing safer for horse and rider
  • Research to be shared with other jurisdictions and equine pursuits

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BHA issue notice, regarding Regumate Equine, to British racehorse Trainers

On 11 September  the BHA published a Notice regarding the use of products which contain altrenogest – a copy of this notice can be found on the BHA website.

At the time of publication, the BHA obtained samples from several different batch numbers of Regumate® Equine 2.2mg/ml Oral Solution for Horses (MSD Animal Health) and requested analysis of these samples from LGC, our partner analytical laboratory. The results of this analysis detected the presence of trendione in the above batches of Regumate® Equine. Continue reading

BHA Statement following Timothy Brennan Disciplinary Panel result

BHA issues Statement following Timothy Brennan Disciplinary Panel result:

The BHA has a duty to protect the integrity of our sport and the interests of the betting public. That means we will investigate and act where we become aware of suspicious betting activity. Those who lose money in such circumstances would expect nothing less, and we owe it to them to pursue these cases. Continue reading