The ARVS has been instrumental in improving the standard of veterinary care and welfare of horses on UK racecourses through the provision of quality CPD in the annual Casualty Management Seminar and Summer Scientific Meetings.

These meetings also provide an important opportunity for discussion on the management of injury and disease on and off the racecourse. These courses are also very applicable to Veterinarians providing services other Sports Horse events.

Casualty Management Seminar 2019 >>

Date: 25th & 26th November 2019
Location: Cheltenham Racecourse

The Casualty Management Seminar in 2019 will be held at Cheltenham Racecourse on 25th & 26th November 2019. The course is run over two days, with both days mandatory for those new to racecourse work and day 2 (at least!) mandatory at least every 5 years for ALL vets working on racecourses.

Talks on key aspects of casualty management are interspersed with interactive discussions and practical sessions.  The seminar is of use to vets attending equine events other than racing and of course at least 2 vets attending Point-to-Point racing must also have attended this course within 5 years.

CMS 2019 is now full, and as we have a large waiting list, can accept no further entries

ARVS Casualty Management Seminar 2019 Programme

Euthanasia at Race Meetings & Equestrian Competitions 2019 >>

Date: 22nd October 2019
Location: Three Counties Equine Hospital

The ARVS will run a further Euthanasia at Race Meetings & Equestrian Competitions course on 22nd October 2019 – venue Three Counties Equine Hospital.

The course is aimed at those without significant experience, but who wish to be able to use firearms in practice, and at racecourses. Each delegate must apply for a Firearms Licence in order to use the instructor’s gun, and to subsequently be able to use the practice firearm. There will be self-certification following the training course and members should only sign if they are confident in safe firearm use.

For further details of the course please access the Members Area and the section on Courses/Events.

Registration forms are available in the Members Area. If you wish to register now please contact our secretary Claire Cook at We can advise on applying for your firearms certificate if required.

Summer Scientific Meeting 2020 >>

Date: 2nd June 2020
Location: Windsor Racecourse

ARVS 2020 Summer Scientific Meeting

The ARVS Summer Meeting is to be held at Windsor Racecourse on 2nd June 2020.

The meeting will cover a combination of upper and lower respiratory tract diseases as well as talks about potential strategies to train the respiratory tract for racing exercise.

Speakers include Lisa Katz (UC Dublin), – Kate Allen (University of Bristol), – Safia Barakzai (Equine Surgical Referrals), – Henry Tremaine (B&W Equine)

We are looking forward to the ARVS Summer Meeting. We hope that you find the
programme appealing and that you will join us in Windsor.

To attend, fill in the registration form and send to Claire Cook:

ARVS Summer Scientific Meeting 2019 Registration Form not available as yet

ARVS Summer Scientific Meeting 2019 Programme not available as yet