Casualty Management Seminar

We are planning to run the Casualty Management Seminar in October 18th &19th, 2021. With the unknown trajectory of Covid 19 and various restrictions likely to meeting size, we are currently planning a smaller than normal meeting of 100 delegates. Our aim is to prioritise those veterinary surgeons whose 5 years for accreditation has lapsed as well as younger members of the profession who will be doing the course for the first time. As you can appreciate, plans must be somewhat fluid at this moment as government guidelines are changing, so specific details and confirmation of a place on the course will not be possible for a few months. Please bear with us as we negotiate the exit from the Covid 19 pandemic.

We are also intending to run 2 CMS meetings in 2022

All currently registered will be carried over.

Anyone interested in going on the list for the next available CMS should contact the secretary –