Scientific Meetings

The ARVS has been instrumental in improving the standard of veterinary care and welfare of horses on UK racecourses through the provision of quality CPD in the annual Casualty Management Seminar each November/December and a Summer Scientific Meeting.

These meetings also provide an important opportunity for discussion on the management of injury and disease on and off the racecourse. These courses are very applicable to Veterinarians providing services to other Sports Horse events.

Our next CMS meeting takes place on 27th & 28th November at Cheltenham Racecourse, please click here for details.

ARVS Summer Scientific Meeting 2017
will take place on 6th June at Uttoxeter Racecourse

This year’s ARVS Summer Scientific Meeting is to be held this year at Uttoxeter Racecourse on 6th June.

The Meeting focuses on diagnosis and management of fetlock joint disease and the surrounding structures, with updates on imaging, subchondral bone disease and treatment including intra-articular and systemic therapies. With many treatments restricted under the Rules of Racing there is an insight into sampling, laboratory analysis, and racing practices in Hong Kong, including medication control.

ARVS Summer Meeting 2017 Programme

ARVS Summer Meeting 2017 Reg Form