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ARVS Advice on Relevant Experience for Veterinary Surgeons, Providing Services at Meetings Regulated by the British Horseracing Authority

ARVS supports the proposed accreditation system for racecourse vets and the concept of self-certification. We feel that the policing of any list and the responsibility for including or not including any member on the list must remain with the BHA.

We are happy to describe and justify what experience and qualifications a racecourse vet should generally have if they are to be accredited for track work and ARVS is prepared to advise BHA as to the relevance of the experience declared by any vet who seeks dispensation.

There are three criteria that we believe to be important and that should normally be met by accredited racecourse vets. Please see the criteria to be met here.

When completing the membership application form please do include all individual veterinary surgeons’ e-mail addresses. This is important for circulation of ARVS newsletters.

Please contact our secretary for further information via: secretary@arvs.org.uk